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How long do pampas and dried florals last?

Pamas and dried florals can last up to 3 years!  However, if you take proper care with your pampas and dried florals they can last longer. A bonus is that you do not have to water the stalks. A general rule of thumb: the more moisture that the pampas are stored in, the shorter their life span. The spaces you want to avoid are the bathroom, kitchen also direct sunlight, wind and humid conditions.

How do you take care of pampas, dried florals and plants?

Every order will come with instructions of how to take care of your pampas, dried floral and plants.

Are pampas harmful to pets?

According to ASPCA pampas are non-toxic but if pampas are ingested by your pets this may cause discomfort.

Do you do custom arrangements?

Yes! Yes and Yes! You can email us full details of what you want to be included in your arrangement with a picture attached so we can create this vision for you. You will then be given a price quote and if you would like to proceed A 50% deposit is required. 

Do you have local pick up, delivery and shipping?

Our local pick up will be at two locations:
193 Garton Avenue - North West End

303-99 Shahi Street - South Pointe


Delivery will be once a week. You will receive a call the day before and the day of your delivery


A flat rate of $20.00 for general products. Extra shipping fees for oversized items.  Any oversized items are considered 100 cm (3.2 feet). You will be provided a tracking number through Canada Post. All in-stock items will be shipped within 1-5 business days.

Have questions that are not listed above? Feel free to email us at or call 204-632-5752 (call only)

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